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  • 1.01.Can I connect a modem to COM1 when the internal VFD is connected.

    This does not seem to be possible as the Internal customer display takes over control of the DSR line holding it permanently high.

  • 1.02.My MSR beeps once and won

    If there is no external wedge device or external keyboard connected, please make sure that the supplied jumper plug is connected into the PS/2 keyboard socket. Otherwise the internal MSR or the Laser scanner of ScanPOS will not work in Windows 2000/XP.

  • 1.03.How much current can the RobotPOS serial ports supply.

    The serial ports can supply 5V and 12V at a maximum of 1 Amp.

  • 1.04.How long will spare parts be available.

    The factory can guarantee that compatible spare parts (not same parts) will be still available for 5 years after Robot POS Plus production termination.

  • 1.05.Can I disable the USB sockets to prevent un-authorised tampering with the terminal

    Yes, the USB sockets can be disabled in the BIOS.
    REBOOT the machine and enter the BIOS by "DEL" during start-up.
    Navigate to "Advanced Chipset Features" and select disable "OnChip USB".
    Select "Save and Exit Setup" to save the changes, and reboot again.

  • 1.06.Can I have more than 4 serial ports and can I drive a digital cashdrawer.

    Yes, the RobotPOS Plus range has the option of three internal plug-in modules for serial ports and digital cashdrawers.
    1. Option 1 - Four serial port version
    2. Option 2 - Six serial port version
    3. Option 3 - Four serial ports and two auto sensing (12V or 24V) cashdrawer ports.
    When deciding how many COM ports are required, bear in mind that COM1 is
           nomally reserved for the internal optional customer display (if required) but COM 1
           can also be used externally by changing jumpers internally.
    COM2 is used internally for the touch controller and is not available externally.
    COM3/4/5/6 are free and 
    can be configured for 5V or 12V by changing jumpers on the serial port module.

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