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SENOR 25th Anniversary
2018.08.03 / SENOR TECH Co., LTD
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SENOR 25th Anniversary

SENOR would firstly like to thank you for your continuous support.

SENOR was founded in 1990, as a professional printer manufacturer in the early days of Taiwan’s computer industry and has since grown to become leading Point-Of-Service company represented globally. On the 3th Oct 2015, SENOR hosted the 25th anniversary party to celebrate our achievements and to express gratitude to our employees and their families in Taipei, Taiwan. This occasion acknowledges the commitment from the SENOR team across all departments in their contribution towards the ongoing success of our company.

At SENOR, we envision a brand that delivers on the promise of Quality, Reliability & Safety by cultivating on our core competences and product innovation; and to work in collaborative partnership with our clients and suppliers to build a platform for mutual growth. President Chiu wishes for all team members to continue to strive toward a common goal with the company of creating value and smart business solutions for our clients.

SENOR・Humble beginnings (1990 ~ 1991)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. SENOR started from humble beginnings as a printer manufacturer in 1990 in a garage workshop, where our first product was created for market.

Innovation & Development (1992 ~ 1993)

SENOR was awarded Start-up & Incubation finance assistance by the government (SMEs credit guarantee Fund). With enthusiastic product design and development, the blueprint of the first touch screen system prototype was created.

Essential trait for Result: Perseverance (1994 ~ 1999)

Success comes through toil. Despite of 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, SENOR persevered with developing new products for the early global trend of touch screen system progression from DOS to Windows OS. SENOR earned our first achievements through one of our classic products – the ROBOTPOS.

The Global Family・SENOR (2000 ~ 2015)

Since 1990, SENOR has grown to into global family with established offices in Taipei、China、United States、Europe and Australia servicing clients worldwide. From our commitment to the highest quality touch screen systems in the world, to the way we engage with our clients in every working day, and to every product we make, we will aim to put 110% of effort into everything that we do in order to deliver our brand promise – Quality, Reliability & Safety.
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