Industrie 4.0.SENOR is ready.
2015.10.20 / SENOR TECH Co., LTD
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Progress comes from constant innovation and change. In history, the first industrial revolution was the mechanization of production using water and steam power while the second industrial revolution introduced mass production with the help of electric power, this was followed by the Digital Revolution, the 3rd industrial revolution, where electronics and IT were used to further automate production.

Now, we have come to Industrie 4.0, which was first proposed by Germany in recent years. It is based on the concept of smart technology coupled with advanced data analytic software via an interconnection network, which can help to maximize productivity by connecting machines and allowing them to control each other autonomously.

As one of the world's leading Point of Service manufacturers, SENOR, entered the worldwide fast food supply chain in early 2007. SENOR has continuously led the market in providing integrated system solutions between cash registers and kitchen display systems via intranet networks. This allows production statistics such as response time and customized recipe formulation and condiment consumption forecasts to be generated in real time. Advanced software system can be combined with local weather forecasts and historical inventory records to create a customized production scheme to accommodate working labor hour system automatically. 

Precise operation of a business is defining point in clients’ success. The SENOR KDS Series models are kitchen display systems with fanless design easily achieves the IP66 dust and waterproof rating. Most importantly, the full range of KDS models supports WAKE-ON-LAN network functions which can complete your clients’ network connection function.

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